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   Just Windows Phone - UWP team brings together various programmers, architects, designers extremely passionate about their profession as they strive to offer the best Universal Windows Platform and Mobile development and consultancy related services.
We all have many years of experience working with various programming and designing tools.

   Our focus is mobile development with either Universal Windows Plaftorm or Xamarin.Forms or Ionic frameworks. Our rich expertise extends, as well, to other related areas of programming (e.g. ASP.NET, MVC, WebServices, WCF, REST, JSON, jQuery, Xamarin.Forms, Ionic, Silverlight, WPF, WinForms), designing user interfaces and interactions, and code integration with social media networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook).

   In addition to our own products, we are willing to help our customers to bring to live their own ideas and get them into a great success story. We embrace an Agile methodology approach, as we enjoy to work close with our customers, focusing on their needs and expectations, getting the best business value for their projects.

   It is very easy to start your idea!
   Just contact us and find out more on how we can help you!


  • compass vo

    Compass VO
    best compass for true adventurous people. (WP7)

  • virtual orienteering

    Virtual Orienteering
    entertainment platform inspired from orienteering sport. (WP7)

  • ro jobs

    Ro Jobs
    Romanian Job Market Browser (WP7)

  • the sound board

    The Sound Board
    funny voice quotes (WP7)

  • dic en-ro

    dic en-ro
    english romanian offline and online translation dictionary.

  • complementary color

    Complementary Color Calculator
    computes the complementary color as in Adobe kuler color tool.



Office Locations
  • UK
    58 Anson Avenue,
    Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 8FU
    phone: +40751293959
    uk office
  • Romania
    Vasile Lupu no 83, bl D1, sc E
    Iasi, Iasi, 700319
    phone: +40751293959
    ro office
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